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IWP using Firefox with pound sign in content

Question asked by on Mar 6, 2013


IWP using Firefox with pound sign in content


     Just wanted to post this issue to the forum.  I have an app which is generally accessed using IWP on a hosted server.  I have not been able to get the web viewer to display an HTML report I generate in a global field using MS IE.  It works great in Google Chrome.  I have a client who uses Firefox.  The report would only display partially.  I traced the problem to pound signs (#) in the HTML content.  As soon as the # was encountered, Firefox stopped rendering the HTML.  Once I removed them, all works great.

     Does anyone know of a way to embed the # in the content (I tried \"#\") or is there a similar symbol which I can use to replace the # (like using a ` in place of a ').