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IWP using FMP Server 12

Question asked by germain on Jul 23, 2013
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IWP using FMP Server 12



     I've got a solution created in FMP 12 that is shared via FMP 12 Server. When the users acces the database with IWP everything works great. When they create a new record they can enter info into field but when the submit get this message. Record not Found. The specific record was not found. If the log out and re-enter the browser again they can then submit and make changes, it all works fine no problem. It's only the first record when they log in. If they enter an second and third records they all work fine. Is there a way around this. Also I've checked and the record that they can't submit is actually showing in the main database and has no issue if I update it in there, it still doesn't in IWP.