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    IWP without having FMPA open



      IWP without having FMPA open


      Hi everybody,

      I'm new to this forum!


      I'm writing because FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced is driving me crazy! I've been using it for a while on a Mac Mini running OS X Server 10.5.8 and I can't seem to find a solution to my problem on my own...


      I need the server to provide access to my FileMaker database via IWP all the time, it needs to be a reliable service.

      Currently, the employees access the db remotely with FMPA and external customers need to fill out some forms on the web.

      I've got 2 issues:

      1. There needs to be an admin logged into the server to allow FileMaker to open and provide the IWP service

      2. Sometimes FileMaker brings the CPU usage to 100% and suddenly closes the database, not allowing customers AND employees to access the file anymore! I have no idea why this happens but it does at least once a week!

      (Could it be perhaps because of Time Machine backups? just guessing...)


      Anyway, can you help me for BOTH issues? It's important for me to solve them asap!

      Otherwise, is it possible to solve them with FileMaker 11? If so, with which version?


      Thank you in advance for your kind support


      Best regards,


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          1. FMP has to be running in order to host the file, so yes, a user must be logged in. That's not the case for FileMaker Server FYI.


          2. Not sure about the CPU usage, but you should definitely exclude the folder where the live database file is from your backups. You NEVER want to back up a live database file, that's guaranteed to corrupt the file.


          You need to implement a scripted backup routine, or install FileMaker Server, which handles backup schedules for you (and would be a more solid host). For IWP you'd need FMS Advanced.


          FileMaker Server is not cheap, but what is your data worth to you?

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            You may want to consider a professional FileMaker hosting provider, such as ourselves:




            We host on FileMaker Server Advanced and provide the server licenses, hardware, monitoring, upgrades, etc. all as part of our monthly rates.  Feel free to contact me here or off-list at jmay(at)pointinspace.com with any questions.


            - John