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IWP wont' set field in portal, in pro 12

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Jan 3, 2015


IWP wont' set field in portal, in pro 12


My script works on the client. I have the IWP button at the bottom of the script set to IWP to see if script steps are not IWP compatible. They are.

I've set up setfileds to my notes filed to test where the script is failing.

I also set the info i'm trying to set in the portal in the notes, it is available. So i'm down to the IWP not setting the info into the portal.

I've included the 2 times i try to set the portal info circled in red. In the lower circled script steps, is where I  set the notes field and it works.

Is there any reason why it would not and what can i do to get this working?