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    IWP, Static Pages and Color



      IWP, Static Pages and Color


           Dear all,

           we have a maintenance management application inside Filemaker Pro 11. We are using IWP to access this appliction. We have read that conditional formatting is not available in IWP. Is there any "alternative" solution, like text color or inserting images?

           We have three status options (Possible, Tentitive and Blocked) Based on the option it should set fill colors or an alternative. Is it possible to export the application to a seperate webserver and customize it there?

           Thank you


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               Before we had conditional formatting, you could still use a calculation field set to return a "container" type, placed behind a transparent field to show different "fill" colors.

               Define two global container fields: gRed and gBlue. In layout mode, use the rectangle tool to create a red and a blue rectangle. Copy a rectangle to the clipboard, enter browse mode and paste it into the global field of the same name as the color. Repeat for the other rectangle.

               Define a calculation field using IF or CASE such as:

               Case ( color = "Red" ; Globals::gRed ;
                          color = "Blue ; Globals::gBlue )

               Select "container as the return type. Then put this field behind the field where you want this controllable "fill" color, use data formatting to specify "enlarge or reduce" to fit and clear the "maintain proportions" check box so that your container field is filled from border to border with the specified color.

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                 Dear Phil,

                 thank you very much. After some trial and error, thanks to your post, i know have colors being changed dynamically with instant web publishing. The only general question i have is related to the page refreshes. When you choose to edit an item, the screen refreshes and the chosen record is moved to the very top. Is there a way to prohibit it from doing this? And further, once i submit data via the web to the server which changes an item. I have to reload the page to see the result. Is there a way i can force a double refresh? I tried this via script, but with no success.

                 Thank you very much


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                   Hello Phil,

                   once i set the script view to web compatible, i found a refresh script which works. All thats left is the record always being moved to the top of the page for editing.

                   Best regards


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                     You are dealing with the intrinsic limitations of IWP. I don't know of any practical options for resolving them. Perhaps another developer reading this knows of something that I do not.