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IWP:  Data not being saved in list view...

Question asked by EricEllis on Aug 29, 2012
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IWP:  Data not being saved in list view...


Hi there...

I am rather new to IWP and a bit of a novice FMP user, so I suspect I am making some silly mistake, but here goes...

I am using FMP 11 Advanced, IWP and have a layout in list view that I am viewing in IWP. I have a text field that I want to allow the user to modify for multiple records. For example, I would like to display a list of contacts and have the user to be able to "select" multiple records using a "check box", and then run a script to process those records.  The text filed is called "EMail?" and I have defined it to use a "check box" control with a list of one entry "Yes".  SO I was hoping they could select which records they wanted to email, and then select a button to process those records.

What I am finding is that I can select the multiple records (using the check box) but only the first record ends up being selected.  If I take the check box control off the "Email?" field, and just leave the field as a normal edit box, I can type a "Yes" in the first record, but when I try to type a "Yes" in another record, it does not allow entry into the field.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your help!