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IWP: Automatic field resizing?

Question asked by johncjohn on Mar 10, 2011


IWP: Automatic field resizing?


Does anyone know if there is anyway for a user to automatically resize a text field in instant web publishing?  OR a way for a field in IWP to somehow show all text that is entered, even if it's larger than the size of the field on screen?

We have a user that doesn't like the way the scroll bar functions in lengthy text fields. doesn't display the full contents of a field wherein the field contents are larger than the field size on screen, and this is a problem for this particular user.

Even the way that Pro handles the entry of large amounts of text when scroll bars are disabled would work.  Unfortunately, that feature doesn't seem to work in instant web publishing.

I understand that there is some sort of plug in or something that allows a user to resize fields on the fly using html, but our solution uses IWP.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

OS: Windows

FileMaker Pro 11