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IWP: Go to object script step not working

Question asked by johnswhitehead_1 on Dec 6, 2013


IWP: Go to object script step not working



     I have a layout that contains a tab set. Each tab has a portal. Each portal has a unique name. Each portal row has a button to take the user to more detail on the related record. The button fires a script which records the name of the active layout object (the portal) in one variable and the portal row number in another and then takes the user to a different layout. The destination layout has a button that returns the user to the first layout and goes to the last-used tab and the last-used row number. It all works perfectly in FileMaker Pro.

     In IWP, however, the user is always returned to the first tab (not the portal, and the row number is ignored). I have experimented using object names for individual tabs as opposed to portals (not as convenient as they're not the active layout object at the relevant time) but this has no effect. Go to object is supposed to work in IWP but in this instance it clearly doesn't. 

     Any clues?

     Thanks in advance