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IWP: How to use fields to synthesize an HTML page (with JavaScript) for Web Viewer or the Open URL...

Question asked by dhafitch on Aug 25, 2011


IWP: How to use fields to synthesize an HTML page (with JavaScript) for Web Viewer or the Open URL script?


I am trying to use the GoogleMaps API to generate a map showing multiple locations where people have collected a particular species of animal.  I have been able to make a beautiful map using an HTML (.html) file that works with a CSS (.css) file and a JavaScript (.js) file.  These text files are made in "Export Field" steps in a FileMaker script that uses fields and local variables to concatenate code with the relevant field data.  The last step tells the Web Viewer to "Reload" the local HTML file to which it is pointed. 

The resulting files work nicely in my local FileMaker version.  However, Export Field is "Incompatible" with the IWP implementation (via FileMaker Server Advanced), which is really what I want to use to share my database with the world.  When I try the script in the IWP version, I get the error:

"“tempmap.css” [and the other temp files] could not be created on this disk.  Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk."

Is there a "correct" temp file location to which my database should be exporting these files?  Or does FileMaker IWP actually not support ANY kind of export?  If the latter, HOW does one assemble an HTML+JS+CSS file that can be read by the Web Viewer and/or an Open URL script step?

(FYI...I have already tried the "data:text/html," header for trying to get the HTML read by the Web Viewer.  However, this only seems to work if it is pure html.  If there is javascript code embedded in the html, the page does not work in the Web Viewer.)

I saw on some post somewhere that the Web Viewer actually interprets the html and writes a temp file to which it then points as a browser.  If this is true, where is this file written, and couldn't I do basically the same thing through script steps?

Many thanks for your help!