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Java error

Question asked by yomango on Mar 2, 2014
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Java error


     Hello. I need big help on this issue. It started yesterday, I was working normally using  FMPA 12, I had to open a database on FMPA 13 so I closed 12. I could not open the v13 database, tried to open 12 again and got an error in the form of a file within the FIlemaker 12 Advance folder in the Program Files folder. Now I can't open neither version but FMPA 11 does open still. The error is a Java message that reads at the beginning:

     " A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:

     #  Internal Error (safepoint.cpp:692), pid=2936, tid=272
     #  fatal error: Deadlock in safepoint code.  Should have called back to the VM before blocking."
     I uninstalled and re-installed FMPA12 to no avail.
     Does any one know how to fix this problem? I installed the application in my daughter's mini computer and it runs fine. So, I suspect W& problems, but why suddenly?
     Thank you in advance