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    JDBC Driver Error



      JDBC Driver Error


      My apologies if this has ever been addressed already.

      When trying to connect to a local database using jdbc I get the following error:


      [DataDirect][SequeLink JDBC Driver]Network problem, session aborted due to internal error in
      remote procedure call, connection closed.


      As weird as this may sound I am trying to access the databases thru MatLab.

      Here is a sample of the code I am trying to use.


      import java.sql.*
      import java.lang.*
      cloader = java.lang.ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader;
      connstr = 'jdbc:sequelink://localhost:2399;user=admin;password='';serverDataSource=Fukin**bleep**uNetwork';
      cn = DriverManager.getConnection(connstr);


      Any help to resolving this would be much appreciated.


      Also, does a filemaker database have to be running to be accessed via ODBC/JDBC even if the file is on the local computer and being access by another software on the same local computer.