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JDBC driver setting for Filemaker 11

Question asked by oliver on Mar 17, 2010
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JDBC driver setting for Filemaker 11




Did someone know the changes of JDBC driver in FM 11?


i used to use the following setup in Coldfusion but not after upgrade to 11.

Could someone help? I read the FM document and looks like the driver has upgraded or changed.


Following is the current setup.

In Filemaker FMpro database needs to be open! Enable ODBC/JDBC sharing in FMpro. Create a Username/password for coldfusion in your database. Install the JDBC drvier from the FM CD - run the .jar file from the CD, it's an installer which will prompt for an install location, create and choose ~/desktop/newfolder/ and when the installer is finished copy the contents of ~/desktop/newfolder/driver/lib/ (sljc.jar and sljcne.rar) to your CF7 /lib/ folder


In Coldfusion: create a data source using 'other' as the driver type.

JDBC URL= 'jdbc:sequelink://;serverdatasource=test'

Driver class= com.ddtek.jdbc.sequelink.SequeLinkDriver

Driver name= whatever you want, 'FM Pro' or something

User Name= the user you created earlier in your

FM database Password= the pass for the FM user you made.