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JDBC drivers for FileMaker Pro 11

Question asked by shunya on Jun 23, 2010


JDBC drivers for FileMaker Pro 11




I'm using FileMaker Pro 11, I cannot find the JDBC drivers.

I used fmp_trial_fm_11.0.1.105.exe to install.

The fm11_obdc_jdbc_guide_en.pdf guide is not very clear on JDBC client driver installation. As per the instructions in there, I ran the installation file fmp_trial_fm_11.0.1.105.exe again.  xDBC feature seems to have already been installed and there is no effect of runing installation again.

I see a FileMaker Pro 11\Extensions\xDBCSupport folder but no JDBC jars under that.

So I'm wondering if JDBC is supported at all by Pro or do we need to use Server Advanced to get JDBC support ?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.