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Question asked by MorkAfur on May 24, 2012




Just thought I'd pass along some cool stuff I found out after setting up the JDBC driver for FMP 12 (on the installation DVD).

Using the supplied JDBC driver is cool!!!!

I had a little trouble initially configuring the connection, but the PDF that comes with the FMP installation solved that.


After verifying the JDBC connection, from a remote database console I could then run native SQL queries against the FMP database.

I created a customer table and and orders table where not all customers have orders (for testing "2." below).

So far, I've successfully run:

1. Simple Inner Join.

2. Left Outer Join

3. Sub-select

4. Select using "Like"

5. Inserts into the FMP database

So, for those of you like me who (sometimes) want to just hammer away using SQL against a FMP database (a desire I've stated here on more than on one occasion), it's a snap using the JDBC driver supplied free with FMP and an appropriate remote database console! I'm assuming ODBC would give similar results on .NET.

So, for me, taking these queries and moving them to a Java program would be extremely simple to do at this point.

If there are any limitations I don't know about using JDBC (other than you have to be on the same machine as FMP, etc.) -- I'd like to hear about them, of course.