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Job and Account budgets

Question asked by symbister on Sep 22, 2011
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Job and Account budgets


Hi, using FMP11 on Mac OS 10.5

This may have been handled before in this forum, but wasn't sure what term to search for...

I have a number of Jobs (codes like 11EX500, 11EX502, 11EX503 etc.) in a Jobs Table, and a number of Accounts (codes like 6-5440, 6-5445 etc) in an Accounts table, linked into a Purchases table.

All well and good, but now I'd like to track the budgets for these various Job/Account combinations - each Job has a full list of Account codes, each Account has a budget amount assigned to it, but of course the budget amount differs for the same Account in a different Job.

So a Budget table becomes obvious, with a record for each Job/Account/Amount combination, linked to the Jobs and Accounts tables, but then how do I interrogate that amount when processing a payment, reduce the remaining budget for that Job/Acoount line, and generate a report showing each transaction on a new line, summarised by Job then Account, with the original budget amount, line item amount and remaining budget. I'm OK with sub-summarising, but can't get a handle on how to calculate/display budget amounts.

It's only bare bones at the moment, but as always, any help appreciated.