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Job Deduction Script?

Question asked by TeriScheier on Oct 11, 2011
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Job Deduction Script?


I am new to FMP and my current employer has the 8.5 version.

We are trying to determine if/how we can keep a log of the date and qty's that are deducted from our jobs on a daily/weekly/monthly basis...sort of like a ledger entry on the ID # for each particular item.

I am sure it needs a script I just am not sure how to begin.

This Job Deduct field is used when inventory is used on a job and it obviously deducts the qty from the qty on hand. Because human error is common...we would like to write some sort of script that would enable us to track the date and the qtys that are being deducted.  There is a field that we have for current monthly usage...but that doesn't show us if we have deducted too many pieces until we do a cycle count of the item or place an order when the plant has plenty of stock....

ANY advise would be helpful!!