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Job scheduling Solution

Question asked by MehrdadBastan on Aug 13, 2015
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Job scheduling Solution


Hello everyone

 I use Filemaker 12 Advance version. I need your help in building a solution for my photographers.

We have over 300 schools that we photograph the students, and in each school we do that twice, once as a main shoot and the second time for Retake. We usually call the school and tentatively book a date and send few photographers to do the job when they confirm the date. What I need to be able to do is to schedule a photographer to do a job and then not have her available in drop down when trying to select her again on the same day in that school or any other schools. since she is already scheduled.

how do I create these table and relationships.

I know enough Filemaker to be able to create these tables but I get myself in trouble when I create the second part of the job for retakes.

Please help