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Jobs and Account budgets - revisited

Question asked by brooklyngeorge on May 21, 2012
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Jobs and Account budgets - revisited



Hi there -

This is a followup question to "Job and Account budgets" ( I have set up my tables per the screenshot here.

I then created a layout with leading Sub-summary by Projects_ID with just Costs 2:Projects_ID, followed by a Sub-summary by Costs 2:ChartOfAccounts_ID, followed by a Body with Costs 2:Costs_Date, Costs 2:Costs_Description, Costs 2:Costs_Source, Costs 2: Costs_Actual, and finally a trailing Sub-summary by Costs 2:ChartOfAccounts_ID with Costs 2:Costs_sActual, Budgets:Budgets_AccountAllocation and Budgets_cAllocationSpent.

When I run the report (i.e. Preview mode) by sorting Costs 2:Projects_ID followed by Costs 2:ChartOfAccounts_ID however the Budgets:Budgets_AccountAllocation for each ChartOfAccounts_ID is the same across all Projects. Basically, no matter which project it is, it shows the Budgets:Budget_AccountAllocation from the first Budgets record that matches the ChartOfAccounts_ID. I can't figure if my Sub-summary set up is wrong, my Sort order is wrong, or if my relationships is wrong.

Any help greatly appreciated!!!