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    Join and tweak templates



      Join and tweak templates


           Hi there,

           I am looking to join and tweak both the Estimates template and the Invoice template.  Now they both have Customer and product tabs, so in essence I want to add the Estimate template portion to the Invoicing template.  How do i achieve this so I can have one customer data base and really one file maker pro file with all my selections?


           Right now I was running them as two, but when I import my customer info from the estimates to the invoice, I run into a little problem.  When i start a new invoice, the customer selection dialogue box comes up and customers that were added before I add a new one and import are duplicated in this menu.  If I add a new customer and import again, there are now 3 entries for the first customer.


           I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to merge these into one file. 

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               Regrettably, such a task is not a simple process. There's a lot of careful work, that requires a thourough understanding of FileMaker and the structure/function of the templates being merged to pull this off.  Many users find it easier to study the relationships, tables, layouts and scripts in one template in order to add the features that they want manually to another template. This allows them to do this a bit at a time, testing their changes as they go to see if they work.

               I don't have the link for it, but I've seen posts indicating the the people who produced these templates have a combined solution based on the same design...