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Join and tweak templates

Question asked by JonathanNovotny on Jan 20, 2013
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Join and tweak templates


     Hi there,

     I am looking to join and tweak both the Estimates template and the Invoice template.  Now they both have Customer and product tabs, so in essence I want to add the Estimate template portion to the Invoicing template.  How do i achieve this so I can have one customer data base and really one file maker pro file with all my selections?


     Right now I was running them as two, but when I import my customer info from the estimates to the invoice, I run into a little problem.  When i start a new invoice, the customer selection dialogue box comes up and customers that were added before I add a new one and import are duplicated in this menu.  If I add a new customer and import again, there are now 3 entries for the first customer.


     I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to merge these into one file.