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    Join fields? or



      Join fields? or


      I have read through help but am getting lost.

      In field <level> I have vales from 0 to 3.

      In field <levelvalue> I want it to display a specific word, depending on what the value is in the <level> field.

      Could someone just talk me through setting this up?

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          I have a video on my Youtube channel that does something similar. Only there I use images. But you can use simple text values as well.

          Check it out here: Youtube

          The idea is that you first make a table with your three values and you have at least two fields. One that contains the letter (0 to 3)

          And another field that contains the levelvalue. 

          Then you have a dropdown where you select the level and through a correctly made relationship you can then display the levelvalue. 

          Just look at the video for a hint on how to do it.