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Join help required

Question asked by GlenTurner on Apr 9, 2015
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Join help required


Hi all, I am new here and quit new to filemaker. I am currently using the trial version.

I have created three tables as follows;
1. Sites
2. Join_sites_keys
3. Door_Keys

All tables have a primary key, and the Join_sites_keys has two more numeric fields designated as ID_sites and ID_keys.

I have created a "Sites" layout showing the sites address etc. The "Keys" table contains a list of all the various keys used to unlock the doors at all the sites. I have created relationships from the "Sites" table to the JOIN table, and from the "Door_Keys" table to the JOIN table with allow creation of records via this join enabled.

There are about 20 door keys and about 200 sites. One door key can be used at more than one site.

My questions are;
1. How do I show a list of 'unrelated' keys on the sites layout.
2. How to I create a new record in the JOIN table from a button on the Sites layout.
3. How can I assign the current Sites primary key and the Door_Keys primary key (from the list in question 1) to the JOIN table.

I have tried placing a drop down list box on the "Sites" layout and selecting the "Door_Keys" text value to display but nothing is shown in view/edit mode.

I have been trying to work this out for days without success. All my google searching has not helped me. Any advise or guidance would be appreciated.