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Join Table Field Summaries

Question asked by Dekade on Jan 5, 2013
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Join Table Field Summaries


     In a join table I am having trouble getting a field, that has varying values, to return how many times it is present in the join database.

     There may be 100 records in the join table. Each join table has it's own ID of course. However there is another field in the join table that returns a related table ID number. It is called " _fk_TopicID". I need to know out of the 100 join table records how many of them contain (for example) the value of 'T013' located in the join table " _fk_TopicID" field. Then on other records the value may be 'T002'. So, how many times does 'T002' occur in the join table for the " _fk_TopicID" field?

     I thought it was a summary that would be used but that does not seem to work; (at least in the manner that I tried to get it to work).