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Join Table Not Functioning

Question asked by LouisHelbig on Jan 20, 2014
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Join Table Not Functioning


     I have an FM 13 database with the following tables: image info, print info, vendor.

     When I've set up relationships directly between the tables with a match field (e.g. photo ref# ) it properly populates the record with information drawn from image info (for example, photo date, photo location, actual jpeg thumbnail, etc.) if/when I enter the photo ref#.

     Ditto the relationship between the vendor info and print info. If/when I enter the vendor name field in the print info it automatically populates the record with the correct info from vendor info table (name, address, etc.).

     As per Filemaker Answers (, I have tried to create a join table between the vendor info and print.  I've followed the instructions, including creating unique serial record id fields in each table (e.g., photoinfoIDxx and printinfoIDxx). It does not work. The result is that vendor info no longer populates the print info record as it did previously.

     I am trying to implement join table as I understand that these are required to allow information from one table to be shared across multiple records in multiple tables.  For example, I would like to have both the image info and vendor info to ultimately populate records in other tables (such as a client table, electronic sales table, book sales, etc.).

     Attached is an image of my relationships graph.