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Join Table/Portal

Question asked by fireballprinting on Feb 4, 2015
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Join Table/Portal



I have the following relationship:


invoice_payment acts as a join table for payment and jobs

I'm working on creating an interface that will allow users to pull up a list of overpayments and apply them to the current job. To do this I have a layout based on jobs, with a portal based on invoice_payment. I'd like the portal to show payments with unapplied amounts, that can be applied to the current job. I know I can filter the portal down to show only those payments, but I've realized that the portal has no records unless one is already created linking the payment with the job. Is there any way to populate the portal automatically? Or do I need to create a script to create records in invoice_payment, linking those payments and jobs together, and then delete them again if nothing is applied?