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Join table? Duplicate table? Not sure here ...

Question asked by vcdpp on Jul 26, 2011
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Join table? Duplicate table? Not sure here ...


Hi there.  I put brands together for joint marketing events (think pairing President Brie with Breton crackers for a shared coupon). I have a table of hundreds of companies who are sometimes the client, sometimes a prospective partner.

On my projects detail (shown below) i have tabs where I have detail from other tables that relate to that particular project. It has worked great with all the tasks.  Now I'm trying to list all the companies that are potential partners for a particular project, and identify their status.  I tried using the foreign key Company ID again but that just repeats what I have for the client.

Do I need to duplicate the Company Table and use that for "prospective partner"? Or would a join table (I haven't done that yet), between Companies and Projects work? Or is the answer something I haven't learned in basic and intermediate class?
Thanks, so far I've gotten great answers on this site, you guys are awesome.