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Join Tables and Portals

Question asked by PhilEvans on Jul 21, 2015
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Join Tables and Portals



I hope someone can point me in the right direction with this:

I have two main tables:

ServiceUsers and Services

Many ServiceUsers may use many Services and many Services will have many ServiceUsers (many to many relationship)

My add/edit ServiceUser form has a drop down that pulls a Services ID to a Services FK in my ServiceUsers table. All good.

However - I have tried to resolve the issue of many to many issue by adding a ServicesUserJoin table with FKs for Services and ServiceUsers and set the relationship between ServiceUsers to create a record in the join table.

My first problem is when I create a new ServiceUser and add the related Service, no record is being created in the join table.

Secondly I seem unable to display related records in a portal - I need to display a portal that shows all ServiceUsers in the Service layout and vice versa. Nothing seems to work.