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Join two lists to keep only common values

Question asked by deathrobot on Oct 12, 2013
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Join two lists to keep only common values


     I am using ExecuteSQL to set a global variable ($$result) to a return-delimited list of primary id's. I would like to use a field or two to pare down that list (for a few reasons, I don't want to include those fields in the original SQL statement). For example, if $$result is:


     I might have a popup list where I can select a status value for a record (e.g. "in progress"). In that case, I would need $$result to be filtered down so that it only shows the ids that were part of $$result AND whose records have a status of "in progress." I thought of creating another list of all records with status "in progress" and then somehow merging the two lists so that only values that were on both lists remained. Is this possible? Or is there some better method?