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Join/Find using Repetition Field Change?

Question asked by on Feb 5, 2015
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Join/Find using Repetition Field Change?


Was there a change in the latest release of FMPA to joins using repetition fields?  I used to be able to create a relationship between a global repetition field in one table to an index field in another table and get the records from the second table which match ANY of the values in any repetition of the repetition field in the first table:

- Go to Layout table2Layout

- Enter Find Mode []

- Set Field [table1::gRepetitionField1; table2::IndexField1]

- Perform Find

Previously, I would get all records in table2 which matched ANY of the repetitions in table1::gRepetitionField1

From what I could see, there were no changes in my script but the function changed.  I have fixed it by looping and creating find records for each repetition of table1::gRepetitionField1, but I'd like to know if this was a change I missed in the last update??