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Joining multiple tables to one layout

Question asked by WiserGuy on Sep 22, 2014
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Joining multiple tables to one layout



Have struggled for a couple of hours now trying to get my head around how to join four tables into one table or layout.

I have one table with imported certificates - just a container repository with serial number and a couple of date fields.

I have five other tables with different kind of certificates - all with different fields and security credentials, but all have serial number and the date fields. I want to get all these tables gathered in one layout to get a serial number report (regardless of which type of certificate).

I've been fooling around with a join table linked with the serial number, but how can I get the other fields from the related tables (e.g. the date fields) into this join table?

Is the best way to create a script which creates an unlinked table from all the tables on demand? If so, how?

Any feedback would be appreciated.