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Joining multiple tables/records to one layout

Question asked by ChristofferRexen_1 on Dec 10, 2014
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Joining multiple tables/records to one layout


Hello everyone

I've searched through the forum for quite some time now, but haven't quite found the answer i'm looking for.

How do I connect/join 3 tables, from 2 separate FM Databases, into one table or layout?


My 2 FM Databases is called "Kundebase" - which contains 2 of the 3 tables I would like to connect/join - and "Privatforsikring" - contains 1 of the 3 tables I would like to connect/join. 

I have been fooling around for a little, trying to connect the two databases with an _ID field, but my issue is the following.

As told, "Kundebase" contains two tables - "Virksomhed" and "Medarbejder".

"Virksomhed" table is primary table, and "Medarbejder" table is foreign table - in which I have 12.000 records with SSN etc.

"Virksomhed" is also primary table for "Privatforsikring" -  in which I have 500 records with SNN etc. - but as External Data Source.

1. How do I connect/join all of my 500 records in "Privatforsikring" with the "Medarbejder" table, without screwing up and making duplicates and such?

2. I thought to make a layout, in which I gather all the primary information for both tables, and then let my colleagues advance via buttons further to the desired layouts - but that doesn't really solve my first problem.

Any feedback would be appreciated