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Joining starter solution

Question asked by keypix on Jul 2, 2013
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Joining starter solution


     Hi, hope someone can guide me with this question ( sorry it's probably very basic)

     I am trying to join the 2 starter solutions, Invoices and Contacts, so that I can have many related Contacts for each record in the Invoices solution.  I have placed a foreign key into the Contacts table and joined it to the Primary ID of the Customers table in the Invoice solution.  So far so good, a portal in the Invoices layout allows me to create many related Contacts associated with each Customer record in the Invoices solution. I have also created a link in the Contacts solution so that the Company and Work addresses fields show the corresponding fields from the Invoices solution.

     The problem I am trying to understand is how to change or remove the Company that a Contact is related if their circumstances  were to change. At the moment if I try and remove a contact from the portal in the Invoices solution, it deletes the full Customer record and any associated Contacts lose their connection to the company.  In the Contacts solution I am unable to show a drop down list that would allow me to select another company for that Contact to be related to.

     If anyone can give me a pointer of how to configure this it would be most appreciated.

     thank you