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Joint Table

Question asked by kalivj on Mar 21, 2011
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Joint Table


I have just started using FileMaker. I am stumped in a many to many situation as depicted below. The payment table has a primary key for each payment. The session table has a primary key for each session. A payment can go to multiple sessions. A session can receive payments from multiple payments. I actually also have a table that is what the join table ( session payment table) should look like meaning it has the six  records listed below with a foreign key linking it to both parent tables. I basically imported all historical data from Bento via Numbers.  This historical data has been entered into FileMaker.  The session table has been populated and the payment table has been populated. The payment table at this point contains the records that should be in the session payment Join Table. The session payment table however is empty and I am not sure how to populate it with records that reflect history.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.