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Jump to record under found set meeting field criteria

Question asked by MattDeBono on Oct 13, 2013
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Jump to record under found set meeting field criteria


     Hi there, I am new to filemaker and have come to a stand still creating a script.

     Example: Asset Defect Database

     This database contains defects related to structures under an asset

     I have created a script that brings back matching records based on an asset name in a different layout using

     Find Matching Records [Replace;Patrol Database_Defect::Line Name]

     Constrain Found Set [Restore]

     Go to Layout ["Patrol Sheet" (Patrol Database_Defect)]

     Sort Recrds by Field [Ascending; Patrol Database_Defect::Structure Order]

     I would then like to add a button or drop down list(with script trigger) to go to the first record that contains the relevant structure number entered in the global field under the already found set of records without filtering any more, I hope that makes sense.

     I have setup a global field for the structure number but can only get it to bring back records with the structure number selected spread over all of the assets.

     I feel I am overthinking it a bit but any help is much appreciated in advance.