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Just checking here unrelated global fields

Question asked by aammondd on May 14, 2010
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Just checking here unrelated global fields


Ok I have a global table that captures some environment information Account Name for instance.

I have a table that is linked to the global table of user name privildeges


Before I get too far down the road with this concept I want to make sure its going to work


Does the global record need to be related to the layouts main table in order for me to script trigger some validations based off the current user names privileges.


For example 

If ["Get (Account Name) = GlobalEnvironment::Current User and UserAdditional::Permissions::Override ="X"]

 do something


 show custom dialog "You do not have permission to perform that function

End If


Im pretty sure I need to link the current layout to the GlobalEnvironment table for this to work

I have a field that is current layout field key which I populate with the main key on layout/record load.


Do I actually need it 


Its getting late in the day I may not be thinking clearly so pardon if this is really a dumb question.