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Just getting started!

Question asked by cpcnw on Jun 2, 2009
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Just getting started!


Hi All,


I am just getting started with FM and would like a little help with setting up a small DB.


I think I need a 'Front End' where some of the info will remain static once entered





Record Number


There will also be some drop down boxes for selecting activity such as 'Buy Currency' 'Sell Currency' then associated with those actions the date, the amounts, the receipt number.


What may happen is that the same customer may come in on subsequent occasions and make another transaction so a quick post code lookuip will find the customer. Their previous transaction will be displayed in table form below their details. Another transaction takes place and the table shows that transaction also.


I am guessing that the transactions will be in a seperate DB in table format and that the info would be linked to the record number in the 'Front End' DB


Well, thats the basics of it - any help or suggestion would be appreciated, if there any examples I can look at or articles to get me started that would be great.


I have so far just set up the name, address, postcode and made it look nice but obviously I have some way to go yet :)