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    just learning!



      just learning!




      I am completely new to databases and just learning with Filemaker Pro Advanced v10. I am putting together a database that consists of a several layouts - customer records, orders, invoices, etc. My question is what is the simplest way of linking certain data from one layout to another, so that I don't have to type the same info more than once? ie. the company name, address and contact info will appear on all layouts, so I would like to be able to fill in the main info on the customer record layout and call it up on the order layout, etc. I'm sure this is a very basic question, so I'm hoping for a quick and simple solution!


      Any help and advice would be appreciated..


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          The power of relationships.  Auto-assign each customer an ID number.  But including that number on all order records.. they are linked.  Then you can use whatever fields from Customer that you need on orders. 


          Through a portal on the Customer record you can see a list of orders and with a script/button navigate to that specific order.  The relationship goes both directions.

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            Without knowing your data structure, let's say you have a "company" table that records company name, address etc. Then you have another table, let's call it "orders". The two tables are related. On a layout based on "orders", in layout mode, use the field tool or "insert/field" menu command to place the company name and address fields (from the "company" table)on your layout.This is a very oversimplified explanation. Some people would have a table for company name and another for address. However, since every company must have an address, one company table should suffice. There are many ways to set up an order, especially if the order consists of several "line items". You could search this forum to find questions and answers on these topics.



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                 Thanks for the advice. I am slowly getting to grips with relationships etc and seem to progressing, so will give your suggestion a try!
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                   Thanks. I'm getting to grips with the database, slowly but surely!