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Just starting and don't want to make a early error...

Question asked by kliegl12 on May 12, 2009
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Just starting and don't want to make a early error...


Hi All, I am new to FMP and am setting up a new business and wanted some advice. 


I am creating, (manipulating the pre-made contact layout database), a contact DB that will have several hundred to possibly thousands of contacts (records) in them. I want to manage my clients, as well as, when they order from me to have a tab for sales and one for inventory that will be updated automatically when I place the order...

 Later down the road I will create invoices and shipping, etc. But organizing my clients is the most important right now.


Should the sales tab and inventory tab be separate databases or should they just be separate Tables within my "Contacts DB"?


The second question which will relate later is, I will have 4 pricing structures, if they are (customers vs. vendors and  in state vs. out of state), for 3 different sizes of my product line. Can I have a set of check boxes that will calculate which pricing table should be used (would this be a portal window in the sales tab)?


The pricing tables may grow as my product lines grow. 

I don't want to limit myself too bad right now, if later down the road I will need to expand, I don't want to have to back track.


I know this is basic stuff, and I appreciate all of your time.

Thanks in advance.