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    Justify text



      Justify text


      No matter what I do, text will not Justify.

      I have set the formatting in Layout mode.  I've selected text and formatted it in Browse mode.  I've tried several typefaces and sizes ... even everyday ones like Geneva and Helvetica.   It makes no difference.  Justified text is always Left Aligned.

      I'm using 10 Advanced.  Any ideas?


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          Left, right and center justification formats work on my WIndows XP and 7 systems. What Operating system are you using?

          If you specify a text format for selected text in browse mode, this format supercedes any formatting specified for the field while in layout mode, but only applies to the text of the current record--these details may explain why you are having trouble.

          Try this test:

          Create a new field and put it on a layout. While in layout mode select Right Justified as its format.

          Enter browse mode, type in some text and exit the field. Does it appear right justified?

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            Can't believe I wrote that whole post and didn't specify ... ho hum.


            Thanks for replying PhilModJunk.

            I can't 'fully justify' text ... anywhere.

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              And you still haven't specified. Is this on a Mac or Windows System. And what version of the same?

              All I can say is that this works for me unless we can narrow down some other causes. Did you try the test I specified? This test is intended to confirm whether or not the issue lies with what you are doing or how FileMaker is functioning on your system.

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                I'm on a Mac running Lion 10.7.2.  FM Pro Advanced 10.0v3

                Right Justify works.  Left Justify works.  Centre Justify works.  Nothing I do, will get the text to : Fully Justify.  (It actually Left Justifies instead).

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                  Sounds like something to report as a possible bug in Report an Issue (see tab above). The Filemaker techs can then confirm whether or not this is a reported bug. (Lion is much newer than 10.0v3 and both snow leopard and Lion have had font issues so this may be a bug here.)

                  Unless there's a mac user out there that can get this to work when GSymon can't?

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                    I've understood that FM won't fully justify if the text is less than one line long.  Pretty annoying really.

                    Thanks for the help anyway PhilModJunk.