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JVM initialization error launching FMP 11 runtime for OSX

Question asked by mattb on Oct 19, 2010
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JVM initialization error launching FMP 11 runtime for OSX


I have a customer trying to launch the runtime of my FMP 11 OSX app.  It acts like it's trying to boot up but 1/2 second later abruptly quits back to the Finder with no message whatsoever.  When checking the Console, the last 3 lines describe the situation:

1) 20/10/10 00:37:01 [0x0-0x39039].com.filemaker.client.runtime.BB6[383] Error occurred during initialization of VM

2) 20/10/10 00:37:01 [0x0-0x39039].com.filemaker.client.runtime.BB6[383] Too small initial heap for new size specified

3) 20/10/10 00:37:01[160] ([0x0-0x39039].com.filemaker.client.runtime.BB6[383]) Exited with exit code: 1 

So...apparently FMP is trying to create Java Virtual Machine during bootup of the runtime but in this particular case, it failed because...the runtime was requesting too large a memory heap???

Oh my goodness, how do I deal with this?  Seems like an OS-level problem as opposed to a problem with the runtime itself.  Runs fine on just about every other Mac that I've encountered among my beta testers and customers, but this is the 2nd occurrence of this specific problem that I've encountered.  

Matt Bloomfield