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Keep new window in foreground

Question asked by lijnbach on Mar 2, 2014
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Keep new window in foreground


     Based on an open lay out, I open a second lay out in a new window. (Using GoTo Related records). Everything is working fine, but I want the new window to stay at the foreground. 

     I use the second lay out in a new window, because the user needs to see where he/she is coming from. (The user needs to see both lay outs). But I don't want the new window to disappear when the user is clicking somewhere on the screen, or takes other steps. I did not use the portal function because the portal has less functionality. (And there is not enough space).

     The second lay out on the foreground just contains information and the possibility to add information. I tried to do something with "freeze window", but that did not work out. (Or I am doing something wrong). I know that e.g. Oracle and Access have a kind of a "pop up" function for a lay out, so this lay out always stays at the foreground, until it is closed.

     Is this possible? Or is there another way to have two lay outs at the same time (and see them both) and keep one of them in foreground until it is closed.


     Hans Lijnbach