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    Keep on Trying



      Keep on Trying


      New to FM have been posting and getting closer and closer to my answers - just not quite there.


      Does anyone have both Access and FM experience that can convert the folloing SQL to script.


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      UPDATE tbl_BankData INNER JOIN tbl_ReportPayeesWCats ON [tbl_BankData].[bd_Payee]

      Like "*" & [tbl_ReportPayeesWCats].[P_Where] & "*" SET tbl_BankData.bd_ReportPayee = [tbl_ReportPayeesWCats].[p_Name]

      WHERE ((([tbl_BankData].[bd_ReportPayee]) Is Null));


      I have tried to do all the things people have responded to me so far, just no luck.

      I don't know if I just have not learned enough yet or what.

      I seriously want to switch and get all my data on Mac and away from Windows.


      I am very very new to FM and using the Trial Download.  If I can solve the SQL question I will purchase the program.


      I have ordered the FM Bible Manual and it should be in sometime next week.


      Thanks for everyone's patients.


      By the way, when I am in scripts the List of functions is different that when I go to Help and look for functions.  Very few match?????



      <!-- EndFragment -->