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    Keep track of mails sent



      Keep track of mails sent


      I am trying to send mails to my clients. Is there a way for me to keep track of the date/time when my mails are sent?

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          Here are a couple of thoughts depending on how many emails you are going to have over time.


          I have an event registration solution that is up for about a month, people register for events.  Once they "register" a "submission" email is automatically sent.  After reviewing the request we may send an "information request" email.  Once they are assigned an appointment we send an "assignment" email.  To handle this I use a Comment filed as kind of a "log file".  The master email script uses the following to update the comment field.

          "Email Subject: " & tblGlobal::gblEmailSubject & ¶ & "Sent Date: " & Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) & ¶ & "Sent By: " & tblGlobal::gblCurrentUser;
          "Email Subject: " & tblGlobal::gblEmailSubject & ¶ & "Sent Date: " & Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) & ¶ & "Sent By: " & tblGlobal::gblCurrentUser & ¶ & ¶ & tblApplicant::AppHRComment)

          The code grabs the email subject line, the sent date, and the current account as the sender.  If the comment field is empty, then it adds the comment.  If the comment field is not empty it adds the comment at the top and concantinates the previous comments below.  (Comments are retained with newest comments at the top).



          The second option is to make a separate "Email Table" that tracks the desired data about an email with fields representing what you want to track (sender, recipient, subject, data, time, etc.).  The email scripts would add a record to this tracking table and fill in the appropriate information.  This might be a preferable option to the "comment" log if this is a long-term use database or if there will be a large number of emails.



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            We have a system where all the data, email addresses, subject, date/time, etc are logged by creating a table with this information. The send mail script step uses the fields of this table to send out each email so our process is to create the record and then send the email. The result is that all details of each email sent out from the DB can be reviewed at a later date. (The send mail script updates some fields to record date/time sent as well as any error codes returned by an email plug in.)