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Keeping a group password

Question asked by TerryCarlson on May 29, 2011
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Keeping a group password


I am putting together a database that will allow students to sign up for 7th Period on a daily basis. 

Teachers will need to start the program in the moring on a netbook computer.

I would like it to run in Kiosk mode.

I am writing it using FM Pro 10 Advanced, but because of user limitation I believe I will have to get a server version when I want the whole student body to be able to access it (I think I read that a FM Pro 11 Server will allow 250 simultaneous uses which is more than the number of computers we have in our school.).


I gave myself "Full Access" to the program but would like to set up another account (teacher) for people to login and try it out.  Problem is, there is a place in the login screen that will allow someone to "CHANGE PASSWORD" for the account TEACHER.  Is there a way to disable that?