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    Keeping Client Separate in a database



      Keeping Client Separate in a database


           May seem like a simple question, but I have created a database using Filemaker Pro V12. I am using it as Media Planner. Issue I need to solve is our different clients that would be input into this database may have several campaign running at the same time. So when I create insertion orders and select the client I would like the campaign field to populate with only those campaign associated to that client. Right now I get all campaigns blended to together. 

           I have a separate table for Client and campaigns (together) so I thought this woudl occur on it own. Any ideas how to correct?

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               You'll need to describe the design of your database in more detail.

               Assuming that there is only one client to one campaign, but possibly more than one campaign for a given client, you might have these relationships:


               Clients::__pkClientID = Campaigns::_fkClientID

               See Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained if this notation is unfamiliar.

               Then you have any number of ways to make sure that a given record in campaign gets the correct client ID. The simplest is with a portal to Campaigns placed on the Clients layout with "allow creation of records via this relationship" specified for Campaigns in the relationship. Then you can simply add data into the "add" row of the portal to create a new related record linked to that Client record.