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Keeping formatted text for use in Word

Question asked by RandyLimbird on Jul 29, 2014
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Keeping formatted text for use in Word


     I've seen this question raised in other posts, but it's never really been answered. I use an old version (FM6) of Filemaker to maintain blocks of text that I later transfer to Word documents which in turn are later imported into a publishing program. All my text includes formatting that needs to remain intact. The solution I've used for many, many years is a script that block-saves the text from each file and drops it into a Word doc (which are later imported into Quark).  The script combined Apple and Filemaker scripts. Later changes in OS versions rendered the script obsolete. So I maintained one old computer that I could run the script on. That computer finally died so now I need to re-write the script, if possible, using up to date versions of FM, Apple OS and Word. But I hate to re-invent the wheel once again (it took me forever the first time to figure it out). Does anyone know of such a script?

     I realize that there are other workarounds, but I really prefer the paste-and-copy technique. My database contains over 7,000 files so there's no way I am going to  encode them differently. I just want to figure out how to update the script I've been using. All I need is a script that will do automatically what I can easily do by rote with manual keystrokes. Maybe it won't be that hard for re-write the script with current OS and software versions, but this is the only time I ever have a need for any kind of script, so it's all foreign territory to me.

     Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!