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Keeping found records in script

Question asked by lbellino on Aug 3, 2012
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Keeping found records in script


I'm new to creating scripts and I created one with help from an associate. I have a few layouts that has a field that shows the record status "active or inactive" (same field used in different layouts) and the script I created will find the active records and sort them ascending. I'm including an image of how it's set up. This works well until I do a find of a cretain set of records, that I want to keep when I got to one of the other layouts that shows the same records that I found. With the script, it automatically, shows all the active records again. Is there a way to keep any finds that I do, while keeping this script associated with these layouts? Or update the script to show that if I do a find, that it keeps the found set and if I don't do a find, it still shows all the active records and sorts?

Goal here is to keep the found records in other layouts, if a find is being done. If not, it still runs the script to show the active records and sorts them ascending, like I currently have it.