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Keeping off the mouse in Script Workspace

Question asked by tcmeyers on Aug 6, 2015
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Keeping off the mouse in Script Workspace


I haven't found a deep reference for using the Script Workspace (FMPA 14) and the various keyboard methods for typing in scripts rather than mousing them in. I've figured out a number of moves involving paying attention to what's highlighted and tabbing, hitting return, etc. but I haven't found what key or combination is needed to check or uncheck a checkbox or radio button when in "gear" mode for various script steps.

I've attached a screenshot of one. Here, I've started a new line by hitting the Return key (with nothing highlighted on the prior line) and typing "enter f" and Return, which auto-completes to "Enter Find Mode [ Pause ] ☼" with the "gear" being highlighted blue. Hitting Return a second time opens the "gear" and the popdown looks similar to the screenshot below, but the "√ Pause" isn't embossed like a button yet. That is accomplished by hitting the down-arrow on the keyboard. Now it looks just like my screenshot.

I can't figure out how to un-check the "√ Pause" using the keyboard at this point. It looks like a highlighted button, so it seems like maybe Return or Enter might activate it, but no, that just closes the "gear" box.

So I have to mouse it. Anyone know how, or where there is a full reference regarding these things?