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Keeping records in the database but hiding them from users

Question asked by Muffalupogus on May 13, 2011
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Keeping records in the database but hiding them from users & normal use (archiving them)



I am working with a database and as we add new records and analyze old ones some become obsolete and I want to "hide" or "archive" them.  This will allow new additions and hopefully will allow me to prevent the import a duplicate record that we have already archived. Currently we have been deleting the records that were no longer of use but I quickly figured out this was going to be a problem as the database grew & evolved over time.

So I am trying to do 3 things:

1- create a script upon start-up of the general user account that will "find" and omit all of the records that have a "No" in the "Active Record" field I created.  newly imported records will have neither a yes or a no so this is why I just want to omit "No" records.

2- create a button that, onClick, will change the status of the "Active Record" field for that record from "Yes" to "No" and then ideally actively filter out this record

3- have a superseding find occurring in the background that will essentially perform the omit "No" find from 

I have tried doing (1) and clicked "yes" on 5 of my 800 files as a test (oh, the Active Record field I made a radio button, but I don't think this should affect the script's recognition of "yes" should it?) and I have not been able to return any records for a simple script of:

If [Get (AccountName) = "User" ]

Perform Find [FIELD = "yes"]

End If

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions anyone may have on any piece of these 3 parts.  My boss ideally would like this done early next week and I'm still learning FMP and no one I work with ever heard of it until I suggested this would be a good way to try and manage this data so I'm sort of on an island.  Fortunately this island has the internet : )

Thanks in advance!