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    Keeping records seperate



      Keeping records seperate


      I am new to the concept of Filemaker 7 keeping all tables in the one file.

      I want to create a program that may need to be updated at future dates (additional fields, additional layouts etc) and I was wondering how I could send someone a new updated copy of my program without overwriting their records.





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          Hi "milky", 
          Here is a link to an answer I provided another forum user...
          You are looking to do what is commonly referred to as "The Separation Model" (TSM).  This is a popular RDBMS concept for creating an "Interface" 'front-end' with a "Data" 'back-end'.  This is how Internet based info systems function, ie. HTML, PHP & MySQL.  Basically, HTML is the "Interface" front-end; PHP is the automation used to link the front-end to the back-end; and, MySQL is the "Data" back-end.  The separation model is good for future solution upgrades.
          FMP includes the front-end, automation, and, the back-end ALL in one system.  FMP is nice, in that, you don't need to learn HTML, PHP, and MySQL.  You only need to learn FMP.  Beware... as with any RDBMS, you still need to learn 'interface design', 'automation' and 'relational database concepts'.
          FMP can do the separation model fairly well with some caveats.  You may want to 'Google' search "FMP Separation Model".
          Having worked with RDBMS since the mid-eighties, I understand and use the separation model.  Since my first use of FileMaker in 1987, I have used this model, albeit, it was very 'clumsy' in versions prior to FMP 3.  FMP 3 and later, brought 'relationships' to FMP and the separation model became much easier to develop and use.  There still exists some caveats with FMP and the separation model.
          I hope this helps you and any other interested readers... Good Luck!!!
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            I just can recommend to use the separate model. If you think further you may need other programs to access your files like php/html or even if you would like to provide a skimmed down version of your FM front end it makes a lot easier. I use MySQL as a back end and I'm very happy with this solution and it gives me much more opportunities how to handle/access data with other programs.