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keeping specific totals independent of a find / sort

Question asked by ijontichy on Sep 8, 2009
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keeping specific totals independent of a find / sort


This community was kind enough to lead me to the Get(totalrecordcount) function, but I'm sad to say I have to ask my next question of a similar nature.


I have some calculations that tally various types of records in a database.    For example, one tally counts records added this week vs before this week, etc.   


I need a way of keeping those counts constant independent of a find that reduces the number of records.


So in a perfect world, there would be a Get (totalrecordcount of records listed as ACTIVE)  or Get(totalrecordcount of records listed as INACTIVE)  or listed as blue, pink--name your qualifier.   The main thing is these would ALWAYS count the total number of records with those attributes, independent of how the records have been sorted so they could always be tallied.


It's possible this is too complicated because that date is an important part of what I'm tracking.    So not only would it be a totalrecordcount of ACTIVE records (for example), but I'd like to know the totalrecordcount of ACTIVE records prior to this week.


Does that make sense?